Instant messaging & video calls on Atolia, on desktop and smartphone
Screenshot of instant messaging on Atolia

Kickstart Sales collaboration NOW !

Sales Teams are working from different places and they are using too many complicated tools…

They need more time to focus on selling. For that, they need one simple workspace that gathers all needed information and that allows teams to share precious knowledge about customers & projects.

An all-in-one workspace to focus on selling

All the essential features to start collaborating with your team of Sales and more.

Chat & Videocall with your teams

Groups to gather people, documents, tasks & calendars by teams and projects

Dedicated Workspaces accessible by customers (chat, videocall, documents, tasks…)

Documents storage and co-edition (share and collaborate on playbooks, meeting notes, proposals…)

"Tasks of the day” recap

Integrations with CRM

See all Atolia's features

Benefits of using Atolia

Finally collaborate with your team

Bring all your teams onto one complete and easy to use workspace

Always have the right piece of information

Save and share information and documents with your teams and customers

Build trust and close deal fastly

Chat and share documents  with your customers in one friendly and dedicated workspace

+13.000 teams trust us

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