Instant messaging & Video calls

Chat or call your team mates to take decisions faster. Organize your activities in discussion groups.

Screenshot of instant messaging on Atolia

No chit-chat but decisions

Send friendly messages instantly to your team mates. Create threads to discuss further.

Video conferencing on Atolia

Call and collaborate

Call (with video or not) up to 50 participants. Share your screen. Use whiteboards to brainstorm easily.

Organize your groups as you wish

Groups to organize everything

Create groups to chat and organize every subjects you’re involved in (Accountability, Legal, Marketing, Customer support, Sales, Product launch…).

Invite customers, partners and suppliers on your Atolia workspace.

Bring all your stakeholders in one place

Invite your customers or partners to collaborate directly on Atolia in a shared workspace.

Project management & Tasks

Create Tasks, assign them, achieve your projects faster and meet your deadlines.

Organize your Projects and Tasks as you really want to

Get things done

Never forget to do anything by creating projects, tasks and sub-tasks.

Assign Tasks to your team mates


Share your projects with your team mates and assign tasks to them.

Link your Project to your Calendar to see your milestones and deadlines

Never miss deadlines anymore

Gather all your events, tasks, deadlines and external calendars in one unified calendar.

Always have a look on every projects

Manage your projects easily

Organize your day thanks to your global projects dashboard. See tasks that are overdue, for today or to come.

Unified calendars

A calendar to rule them all. See your events, tasks, external and team calendars in one single calendar.

Sync external calendars (Google, iCal, Outlook...)

Bring it all!

Gather all your external calendars (Google, iCal, Outlook…) in on unified calendar.

Link your Project to your Calendar to see your milestones and deadlines

Share, subscribe or keep private

Show your availability to your team mates by sharing your calendar and know your team mates availabilities by subscribing to theirs calendars.

Always have a look on every projects

Connect groups, projects and calendars

Create calendars for particular groups or projects to collaborate easily and manage deadlines.

Video conferencing on Atolia


Create event and add video call link. Participants will have access to it in one click. That’s it.

Documents co-edition & storage

Store, share and co-edit your documents to make your projects a success thanks to our cloud-based office suite. 

A complete Office Suite (Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation...)

Create through a full Office Suite

Create text documents, spreadsheets or presentations thank to a full office suite. Without any additional installation.

Screenshot of real-time coedition on documents

Co-edit in real time

Collaborate with your team in real-time and improve your team's workflow. Track changes with the version history.

Organize easily your documents in folders and share them

Store in the cloud

Create files and store all kind of documents or upload them directly in groups to always them at hand.


Write your notes, memos, FAQs or other information pages alone or with others. 

Notes taking & co-editing

Take notes quickly

Don’t ever forget anything. Take notes quickly and easily. Organize them, add checklists, files, tables, etc. They are endless uses and your notes are saved automatically.

Share co-editing rights to create knowledges bases together

Co-edit content

Share co-editing rights to create and edit your content together. Then invite your team to access the content in reading mode. Information is shared in a few clicks.

Share notes with your team

Centralize your data

Find your ideas and thoughts quickly: notes from a webinar, a meeting, a training... All your content is in one place. Organized notes mean a clear mind.

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