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Discuss and take decisions faster

Organize your discussions by groups. Chat or call your teammates to take decisions faster.

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Instant messaging & video calls on Atolia, on desktop and smartphone
Screenshot of instant messaging on Atolia

Chat with all your stakeholders

Send private or groups messages instantly to your teammates. Discuss further in threads. Invite your partners or customers to work with you within specific group chats.

Call, because it’s easier to talk than write

Switch from text to voice and call up to 50 participants (with video or just audio). Share your screen, use whiteboards to brainstorm easily.

No installation required, video calls happen directly in browser or in Atolia's apps.

Screenshot of a visioconference on Atolia
Organize your Atolia's workspace with groups and categories

Organize everything through groups

Create groups by teams, topics and projects to organize every subjects you’re involved in (Marketing, HR, Sales, Legal…).

Set also a group for your whole organization to use it as a newsfeed.

Gather groups into groups categories and pin the most important ones.

Bring your stakeholders together

Stop with never-ending email threads! Invite your customers or partners to collaborate directly on Atolia in specific groups. Chat, share files, use shared calendars or create projects boards together.

Invite customers, partners and suppliers on your Atolia workspace.
Connect your project board, calendar and docs to your groups to have more context

Bring context into conversations

Connect to groups any projects board, calendar, documents folder or note to have every important information in the right place.

Enable activity notifications directly into groups to see when tasks are done, event created, document uploaded or note created.

Find your data in a heartbeat

Through the search bar, find easily any message, task, event or document you shared with your team, at all times.

Click on a result of your search and access this item directly in its context.

Use the search bar to find anything (message, document, tasks, note, event...)
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