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Screenshot of instant messaging on Atolia

Stay responsive with our messaging tool

Use groups or private messages to chat securely. Customize your content and send files, polls, or GIFs. Share more in threads.

Revolutionize your way of collaborating with video calling

Call your colleagues with a tool that offers multiple possibilities. Create meeting rooms, share your screen and files, launch a poll, or chat in the messaging tool.

Generate a video conferencing link directly in your events. All guests will receive the link and access it with one click.

No installation required: video calls take place directly in the browser or in Atolia's applications.

Video conferencing on Atolia
Mention your task, event, or note in your chat

1 solution, multiple integrated tools

Connect your workgroups with project management, shared calendars, and notes. Create, collaborate, and move forward as a team quickly. Mention a task, an event, or a note and find it more easily.

Activate activity notifications directly in the groups to know when tasks are completed, events are created, documents are uploaded, or notes are created.

Organize your groups as you wish

Create groups by teams, themes, and projects to organize all the subjects you are involved in (Marketing, HR, Sales, Legal...).

Create a group to bring together your entire organization and share news. Information is transmitted and your collaborators are involved.

Classify the groups into categories and pin the most important ones.

Organize your groups as you wish
Connect your project board, calendar and docs to your groups to have more context

Bring together all your stakeholders

No more endless email threads! Invite your customers or partners to collaborate directly on Atolia with a sharing link.

Create specific workgroups and find all your data in one place to boost your productivity and free your mind.

Don't miss any information by pinning specific messages to your favorites tab. React to messages with emojis to express yourself.

Find your data in a snap

Thanks to the search bar, easily find all your messages, tasks, events, or documents that you have shared with your team, at any time.

Click on a search result and access this item directly in its context.

Use the search bar to find anything (message, document, tasks, note, event...)
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FAQ about our Chat & Video calls features

If you have more specific questions, contact us through the chat.
Is it possible to invite participants who do not have an Atolia account to a call?

Certainly, you can invite external participants to Atolia using the videoconferencing link.

Can I create different meeting rooms during my call?

Yes, this is possible thanks to the breakout room feature. Participants can gather in other virtual meeting rooms without leaving the call.

How can I find items exchanged in the messaging system?

You can use the search bar to find a message, document, link... You can also mark important items as "favorites" to easily find them in a separate tab.