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Remote communication isn't easy, and information may not get through to the right people in time.

With Atolia, create workgroups by projects, organizations or geographical areas. Wherever you are, create send, receive messages and call your team. Even at different times of day, you have access to all the resources you need to work asynchronously. Distance is no longer an obstacle to collaboration.

Distance won't affect your teamwork and your well-being

The distance can have an impact on the sense of isolation and well-being of teams. But that's not the case with Atolia.

Keep the team spirit alive through daily interaction. With the project management module, assign tasks to your collaborators and meet deadlines. Less stress and frustration: everyone knows where they stand.

Use shared agendas to create events and insert Atolia-integrated videoconferencing links. Check everyone's availability to plan meetings more effectively.

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Feel like at home while on the move

While on the move, work with all the essential tools from your office. Do not change your way of working. Find all of your documents, tasks, conversations, on the same unique platform available everywhere you go.

Access Atolia on your computer but also on Android or iOS devices. Enjoy an easy teamwork even on the move on a robust app!

+13.000 teams trust us

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Thanks to Atolia, the tasks follow up is easier. Our communication is smoother. We work more efficiently thanks to the easy access to documents. It's a workspace with all the tools you need.

Virginie B., AeroTech Pro