Edit and share your docs on Atolia!
A complete Office Suite (Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation...)

Create through a full Office Suite

Create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations online directly in your workspace. Never forget again to save your documents. It’s automatically saved in the cloud.

Import also files in various formats (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, PNG, JPEG) to centralize all your content in one secure place.

Co-edit in real time

Choose to work efficiently by co-editing documents in real time. Any member can create, edit documents and work simultaneously with his team.

Keep track changes, compare and review every documents with your revision history feature.

Screenshot of real-time coedition on documents
Organize easily your documents in folders and share them

Share, Find, Download

Share easily document in groups thanks to drag and drop.

Don’t waste time searching for documents. Find them with the search bar or the documents section that gathers all documents across workspace.

Want to clean up your groups or archive docs? Download all documents and folders into a zip archive for easy management.

Automatic cloud backup

All your files shared in the chat are automatically saved to your cloud.

Even document sharing links from Google Drive or Dropbox are also saved on your platform. With all your content in one place, you can work effectively as a team and boost your productivity

Save everything in the Atolia Cloud and find easily your links from Google Drive or Dropbox
Notes taking & co-editing

Take notes and publish them

Edit your notes and share them easily with your teams. Keep track of all information.

Keep in your notes of all your meeting’s reports, your processes, your trainings or even personal notes!

Take notes quickly and easily. Organize them, add checklists, tables, etc. They are endless uses.

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FAQ about our Documents features

If you have more specific questions, contact us through the chat.
Is it possible to share a document with someone outside Atolia?

Of course. If you are the creator of the document or the workspace administrator, you can share the link to the file with a member external to Atolia.

How are documents organized?

On the one hand, in the Documents module, you can find all your documents and those shared with you, through groups or personnaly. This allows you to have an overview of all your files. On the other hand, you can find in each work group the documents that have been shared in it.

What types of documents can I create on Atolia?

You can create Text, Spreadsheet, or Presentation documents directly on Atolia (or import them), in Words, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, PNG, or JPEG format.

Is there a size limit for documents?

If you are on the Starter plan, you can upload file up to 5MB and store up to 5GB per user. On Premium plan, there is no upload limitations and you can store up to 100GB per user.