Shared Calendars on Atolia
Create online calendar planner with your teams to be better organized

Create and share calendars with your teammates

Create as many calendars as wanted. Feel free to share these calendars with your teams to inform members about meetings, deadlines or milestones!

By linking an event to a group, members can get notifications for every updates on calendars to never miss any information (new event, update, reminder...).

Indicate your availability on the team calendars to simplify the appointment process.

Create and customize your events

Create events and customize your invitations by adding recurrences, files, colors, reminders and notifications. Invite teammates and even external partners to your online meetings.

Create and customize your events
Sync external calendars (Google, iCal, Outlook...)

Sync external calendars

Have you been using other calendars so far? No problem, import external calendars (Google, iCal, Outlook...) easily and quickly on Atolia to have them on unified calendars!

Invite anyone to a video meeting

Add a video call link to your invites in one click. Your guests (Atolia users or not) will receive the invite and will easily join the meeting.

Video conferencing on Atolia
Link your Project to your online calendar to see your milestones and deadlines

Don’t miss deadlines by linking project board

Link your projects boards to your calendar and get easily organized by seeing your different tasks in your online shared calendar! Share this "project calendar" with your team to collaborate in a better way.

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FAQ about our Calendars features

If you have more specific questions, contact us through the chat.
Can I share my agenda on Atolia?

You can share one or more personal agendas with your team. Choose your privacy options: share your calendars with or without editing rights, with information about events or not, make it public...

Can I import my external agendas from Google Calendar, iCalendar or Outlook?

Yes, with an ICS link to your external calendar, you can add it to your Atolia calendar and it will synchronize regularly.

Is it possible to add a video conference link to an event?

Of course, you can generate a video conference link directly when creating your event. All participants will have this link to access it. The video conference will take place directly on Atolia: no external software to install or account to create.