Comparison of features between Atolia and Email

Compare Atolia and Email features with the table below. No suspense, Atolia reveals itself as a much more organized alternative to Emails.

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From email threads to organized Atolia's groups

The alternative to endless email threads

Email threads can quickly become confusing with too many emails, people in CC or BCC, and important information or attached documents getting lost in the endless thread.

Keep your discussions organized with Atolia's groups. Create a group for each team or project that gathers all necessary users and documents in one place. Share meeting minutes and take action with tasks directly in the group through our Notes & Projects.modules.

No more misunderstandings, talk directly to your team

Interpreting emotions through emails is difficult. Most of the time, emails are impersonal and can lead to misunderstandings or complete inertness.

Emails must be used for legal or contractual discussions. If a solution can be given quickly or asynchronously, prefer using Atolia chat. If the topic requires complex discussions or an urgent answer, call your teammates with integrated videoconferencing on Atolia.

Chat or Call your teammates
Focus on work

Focus on real work, take actions

Reading emails and notifications can significantly reduce your productivity.

Instead, use instant messaging in groups and fine-tune your notifications to be notified only when necessary. This can include muting notifications, mentioning only, receiving desktop notifications, or receiving activity messages (tasks updated, document uploaded…). By keeping unnecessary noise away, you can focus on real work.

To sum-up, Atolia is the best alternative to email because…

📚 Organize everything into groups, such as users, documents, events, and tasks, rather than endless threads.

💬 Communicate more effectively with your team by using chat or video calls instead of impersonal emails.

🔕 Focus on your work by turning down notifications… not with “dopamine generator” notifications

Atolia, cheaper alternative to Slack