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Get things done. Better. Faster.

Save time and get organized by managing all your projects through a global dashboard. Get an overview of your tasks, handle them or assign them!

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Projects & Tasks management to organize your work
Organize your Projects and Tasks as you really want to

Plan your tasks your way

Complete your projects faster and easier! Organize your tasks by projects, add deadlines, checklists and labels. Have a quick look on all your daily tasks thanks to the projects overview.

Assign tasks

Collaborate efficiently! Assign tasks to other members of your team. Follow tasks to get notifications and keep track of every task (new stages, done, deleted...).

Assign Tasks to your team mates
Collaborate on your Tasks and Projects

Bring collaboration further

Everyone has something to contribute on. Follow tasks to be notified of any change. Comment directly on tasks. Co-edit in real time on documents shared in projects. Discuss further in dedicated groups.

Prioritize your tasks

Customize your tasks and projects. Create your own labels to have the perfect "priority system" (Eisenhover matrix, Effort/Gain, Sprints...).

Find easily specific tasks by filtering and sorting them by label(s), due dates or assigned people.

Create your own label to prioritize and organize your tasks
Link your Project to your Calendar to see your milestones and deadlines

Don’t miss deadlines and manage your time

Link your projects boards to your calendar. Manage easily your time and see if projects overlap each other in terms of deadlines.

Manage your projects from one place

Organize your day and all your projects with the overview dashboard that gathers tasks from every projects.

Quickly see tasks that are overdue, for today or to come.

Always have a look on every projects
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