Dashboard of tasks

Keep control of your tasks

Save time with the Kanban method: organize your tasks, add deadlines, checklists and labels. Have a quick overview of all your daily tasks with project planning.

Assign tasks

Collaborate efficiently! Assign tasks to other members of your team. Track tasks to receive notifications and keep track of progress (new, completed, deleted steps...).

Assign tasks to other members
Mention tasks in the chat

Take collaboration to the next level

Complete your team projects more quickly. Mention tasks in the chat to access them with a click. Comment on them and co-edit in real time the documents shared in the projects.

Prioritize your tasks

Customize your tasks and projects. Create your own labels for the perfect "priority system" (Eisenhower matrix, Effort/Gain, Sprints...).

Easily find specific tasks by filtering and sorting by label(s), due dates, or assigned persons.

Create your labels to prioritize your tasks
All your deadlines are on your Atolia calendar

Don’t miss deadlines and manage your time

See all your deadlines on your Atolia calendar.

Easily manage your time by having an overview of your projects and events deadlines. Don't be underwater anymore.

Manage your projects from one place

Organize your day and all your projects with the overview dashboard that gathers tasks from every projects.

Quickly see tasks that are overdue, for today or to come.

Overview dashboard
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FAQ about our Project management features

If you have more specific questions, contact us through the chat.
Can I add a due date to a task?

Yes. If you add a due date to a task, the task will be indicated on your calendar so that you have an overview of your planning. You can set a deadline for a specific date and time.

Can I assign a user to a task?

Yes. If you assign your collaborators to a task, they will receive a notification and the task will be indicated in their dashboard.

Can I share a project with a group?

If you are the creator of a project or the administrator of the workspace, you can share it with one or more work groups in order to work together.