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Take notes in a flash

With keyboard shortcuts, add titles, checklists, tables... in an instant.

Also add photos, videos and files to enrich your notes and captivate your audience.

You can easily organize the content by moving the blocks. Let your creativity run wild!

Collaborate with your teams

Want to create knowledges bases together? Share co-editing rights with your team or specific individuals. Create and modify content in real-time to work together more effectively.

Don’t be afraid of closing tabs anymore. Your notes are saved automatically.

Keep control of your content with the reading mode. Your teams can view your notes through a pleasant and easy-to-understand display.

Share co-editing rights to create knowledges bases together
Share notes with your team

Notes from anywhere but in one place

Capture ideas and thoughts quickly and easily.

Create and gather your notes from a webinar, a meeting, a training, or a brainstorming session in one organized  place.

Never forget important information again.

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FAQ about our Notes features

If you have more specific questions, contact us through the chat.
What types of content can I add to my Notes page?

To customize your Notes pages to your liking, you can add tables, bullet and task lists, images, files, or YouTube links.

Can I share a note with my team without them having editing rights?

Of course. If you are the author of the note, you can select one or more groups with which you want to share it. Only users designated as "collaborators" will be able to edit it.

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