Comparison of features between Atolia and Teams

Compare Atolia and Microsoft Teams key features with the table below. No suspense, Atolia reveals itself as a much more easy-to-use alternative to Teams.

Video calls
Projects & Tasks management
Microsoft Projects
Document coedition
Office Suite
Notes taking
OneDrive or SharePoint
Dedicated customer support manager

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Atolia is designed to start collaborating in 2 minutes

No hassle, start to collaborate in 2 minutes

One of our key values is pragmatism and simplicity. Atolia has been designed with essential features to facilitate collaboration. It is easy to use and does not have any complicated features. In fact, you can start working with your team on Atolia in only 2 minutes.

Atolia, an alternative to Teams and Microsoft 365

Teams allows you to connect many tools from the Microsoft Suite. However, implementing all of those tools can be time-consuming, and switching from one tool to another can also take up valuable time.

In contrast, Atolia is an all-in-one platform that natively integrates instant messaging, video calls, project management, office suite, shared calendars, and even notes in a single place.

All-in-one alternative to Microsoft 365
Choose Atolia, the alternative to Teams

Don't settle for the default option, choose an app that suits your needs

Most of the time, organizations don’t choose Teams or Microsoft 365. It is just the solution by default. Then, they find themself confined to Microsoft tools that don’t suit their needs and are complicated to get started with.

Make a real choice. Try Atolia, the alternative to Teams.

Easily migrate from Teams to Atolia

If you have a lot of data on Teams, we can automatically migrate it to Atolia using our import tool. Contact us to access this magic tool. Thanks to our team of dedicated Advisors, we also support you in configuring your workspace to make it truly adapted to your challenges.

Migrate to Microsoft Teams

To sum-up, Atolia is the best alternative to Microsoft Teams because…

  • Easy to use
  • No tech skills required to setup or use Atolia
  • All-in-one workspace with essential features for teamwork
  • Great support by real humans

Atolia, cheaper alternative to Slack