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Share information with your teams by sharing events

Save time and stay organized with Atolia's shared calendars. Invite your teams in one click and share all the information required for the event. Generate a videoconference link directly to the event.

Personalize your events: add recurrences, reminders or attachments. Sync external calendars to have all your professional and personal events in the same place.

Do like CBF Consult: improve your team coordination

Managing the schedules of over 30 consultants simultaneously can be a daunting task, especially when done manually with pen and paper or an Excel file.

However, with Atolia's shared calendars, CBF Consultant has experienced a significant boost in productivity. Create events, customize your invitations and share calendars with your teams and external partners.

Check your employees' availability and use the chat, and co-editing document to collaborate efficiently.

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Atolia, the all-in-one tool

An All-in-one tool to have everything you need in the same place

For efficient teamwork, there's nothing simpler than a collaborative tool: 1 solution, 1 account, multiple possibilities. 

Find all your task deadlines directly in your diaries and discuss them in real-time in writing or by videoconference with your colleagues. Share and co-create content with our collaborative edition.

+13.000 teams trust us

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Thanks to Atolia, the tasks follow up is easier. Our communication is smoother. We work more efficiently thanks to the easy access to documents. It's a workspace with all the tools you need.

Virginie B., AeroTech Pro