Top 10 reasons to use a collaborative tool

It is not always easy to communicate and work with your employees. What if setting up a collaborative tool was the ideal solution to achieve this?
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Collaboration is now a real issue for companies that increasingly favor teamwork. It is not always easy to manage communication with your employees. What if setting up a collaborative tool was the ideal solution to achieve this? Atolia gives you 10 reasons to go for it!

1) Sharing for a more unifying corporate culture

Collaborative tools allow all kinds of exchanges: sharing documents, defining objectives, creating events, etc. Employees value the notion of sharing, are more motivated and find the organization of their company attractive and dynamic!

2) Putting people at the heart of exchanges

Forget the cold email where everyone misinterprets each other's tone. You use an instant messenger where you can answer your colleagues with smiles by message (thanks to the timeless emoticons), or with a smile thanks to video calls.

3) A more serene team

Less stress, more flexibility and better organization, collaborative applications make for a more enjoyable day at work. Plus, it's proven that GIFs in Atolia IM make teams happier every day 😉

4) Have access to everything, everywhere!

With instant access to your personal and team agendas, goals, messages, documents ... In short, with a collaborative tool, you can be anywhere and have an immediate overview of your company's projects. Great, isn't it?

5) Remote work made easy

Do you have employees who work remotely or some who telework a few days a month? With a collaborative tool, the connection is maintained with the company and access to all necessary data is just a click away 🙂

6) A real safe...

You don't risk any phishing mail like "I am the heiress of a 1.000.000€ fortune..." since all the exchanges are done on the application! Moreover, your data are protected and stored in France, at least that's the case with Atolia.

7) ...and a real toolbox

A collaborative application is a real toolbox! With many features such as: goal and task management, agenda creation, document sharing, instant messaging, and many more! All this increases your productivity and thus your profitability.

8) Zero e-mail, carpe diem

Collaborative tools greatly reduce the use of e-mails in companies. The time lost by using e-mails is equivalent to 3 years.

9) Zero paper, the environment protected

Some collaborative tools allow the editing and exchange of all types of documents directly online. Reducing the printing of documents has a strong environmental impact, and it's good for our planet!

10) Zero spam, only good information

No emails = no spam. Collaborative tools allow direct access to relevant information purged from the rest. Your employees are then fully focused on their tasks and therefore more productive.

Collaborative tools do have a positive impact on daily life at work! Well-being of employees, productivity gains and better organization, did this top 10 convince you?Try Atolia for free. In less than a minute, you will be able to make your own opinion on the advantages of using a collaborative application.