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Keep a clear and well-organized strategy

Drive all of your strategic projects through a dedicated module and have a clear vision of your deadlines. Alongside this module, share your thoughts and specify your projects through the Notes module with an easy-to-use edition. An office suite is also available, with an integrated spreadsheet to handle your budgets or reporting.

Improve your internal communication

To bring your strategy to life, you need a motivated team and clear communication. Communicate easily with collaborators through the platform to avoid getting lost in emails and have access quickly to the information.

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Manage your time efficiently

AS CEO, managing your time can be a challenge. Get organized with our shared calendars, made to handle your personal calendar, projects, and departments. Share your availabilities easily and add guests to update your personal calendar if required.

+13.000 teams trust us

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Thanks to Atolia, the tasks follow up is easier. Our communication is smoother. We work more efficiently thanks to the easy access to documents. It's a workspace with all the tools you need.

Virginie B., AeroTech Pro