Comparison of features between Atolia and Zoom

Compare Atolia and Zoom key features with the table below. No suspense, Atolia reveals itself as a much more complete alternative to Zoom.

Video calls
Projects & Tasks management
Document coedition
Notes taking
Dedicated customer support manager
Personalization of workspace

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Atolia, the all-in-one tool

On Zoom, what happens after a meeting..?

You hope everyone will remember the actions items and will get the job done. But it's tricky with Zoom.

On Atolia, take notes during your video calls, directly book follow-up meetings, create tasks and assign them… Atolia is a more complete alternative to Zoom with its all-in-one approach.

Say yes to quality assistance!

With Zoom, you have to pay extra for direct assistance. At Atolia, these are not our values. We are a team on a human scale and favor close relationships with you.

We listen to your needs and share your feedback with the Technical team to offer you a quality service. Atolia is one of the best alternative to Zoom to support you on a daily basis.

Dedicated CSM
Your security is our priority

Rest assured with the confidentiality of your data

Unlike Zoom, Atolia is a collaborative tool that respects your data. We have established more than 50 security measures, from the encryption of your data to the physical security of our offices.

More, your data is hosted on Outscale Dassault Systemes servers based in France. Atolia is the alternative to Zoom to guarantee your security.

To sum-up, Atolia is the best alternative to Zoom because…

🚀 All-in-one tool: chat & video, shared calendars, task & project management, document sharing and collaborative editing...

🌟 Dedicated customer support manager.

🔓 Your data is protected and your privacy preserved.

Atolia, cheaper alternative to Slack