Comparison of features between Atolia and

Compare Atolia and key features on the table below. Without any surprise, Atolia reveals itself as an easier alternative to use compared with

Complex Project management (GANTT, Kanban, Goals, Diagrams…)
Easy-to-use Kanban boards & to-do lists
Video calls
Notes taking
Dedicated customer support manager
Easy to setup & use
$4/user/month, no team size restrictions
Free version for 2 users only then $8/users/month

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Project management and much more

Stop waiting for the perfect plan, bring your ideas to life now

With you will be able to fine-tune all your projects & tasks. However good ideas don’t wait.

Atolia is an alternative to that can be used within 2 minutes. Create your projects and tasks in a flash.

Bet on great teamwork, not tools is focused on planning EVERYTHING. But plans won’t do the work. People are. Atolia is an alternative to which is built for teams and great teamwork.

With Atolia, plan your tasks, but most of all chat or call your team, share files, co-edit documents, etc. In a word, work together.

Alternative to Clickup for great teamwork
Choose simplicity

Only the essential features in one place

Of course, is a really complete Project Management tool but will you use all of its features? 90% of the time, you will use the core features. Choose simplicity and ease of use right now with Atolia.

Let’s team up!

Getting 24/7 support from a SaaS company is great but that help is not personalized. At Atolia, you get a Dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you to use the app but also to get best practices for great productivity and teamwork.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

To sum-up, Atolia is the best alternative to because…

  • Easy setup and easy to use
  • Features for teamwork: chat, video calls, file sharing, calendars & note taking
  • Dedicated CSM
  • 2X cheaper for teams with more than 3 colleagues

Atolia, cheaper alternative to Slack