Features comparison between Atolia and Google Workspace

Compare the key features of Atolia and Google Workspace using the table below. No suspense, you’ll see that Atolia is better suited for SMBs and European companies, whereas Google Workspace is less structured and more suited for individuals.

Google Workspace
Advanced team chat
Video calls
Project management
Documents editing
Notes taking
Dedicated customer support manager
Data hosted in Europe and GDPR friendly
Workspace custom branding

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All-in-one workspace

Better organization for your teams and projects

While Google Workspace has separate products for document storage, video calls, and calendars for individuals, Atolia takes an all-in-one and unified approach focused on teams and projects.

Atolia is an alternative to Google Workspace where all data is linked together to keep the workspace well-organized for your company.

Your data will be secured in Europe under GDPR compliance

While Google's position on data privacy is unclear, Atolia ensures that your data will be hosted in Europe and kept confidential. Your company information will be secured and not used for any advertising purposes.

As a European company, Atolia is GDPR compliant and has implemented over 50 security measures, including data hosting, development, and physical security, to make security our top priority.

GDPR friendly
Real humans to help you

We are here to guide you in your first steps

We want you to get the most out of Atolia to meet your needs! That's why our support team is available via live chat or phone if you need help.

Try Atolia, an alternative to Google Workspace that offers the option to talk to real humans.

In a nutshell, Atolia is the best European alternative to Google Workspace because…

🚀 Our all-in-one tool will keep your work structured around projects and groups for better clarity and more productivity

🔐 Your data will be secured and hosted in Europe, in full compliance with GDPR

🌟 Our dedicated customer success managers will guide you in your first steps

Atolia, cheaper alternative to Slack