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Boost your teamwork, all in one place 🚀

Communicate, collaborate and complete your projects faster with your remote teams through an all-in-one workspace. No add-ons. No hidden costs.

No frills. Only the essential for more productivity.

We gather the most essential features for a perfect, smooth and easy team collaboration, especially for remote teams.

No installation required & no complicated setup. Everything is thought to help you kickstart collaboration quick and easy.

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At Atolia, our team serves your team

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Even if Atolia is an online software, our team is here to help and bring your teamwork to the next level. We'll set your workspace up, onboard your team mates and share productivity tips with you!

Features overview

Team collaboration summarized in 4 essential features

Screenshot of Instant Messaging & Video calls on Atolia

Gather everyone and everything while staying organized

Create groups, send messages to your team mates and call up to 50 participants.

Screenshot of Projects & Tasks management on Atolia

Never forget tasks to be done

Assign tasks and respect your deadlines. Follow your team's progress and successfully complete your project.

Screenshot of Calendars on Atolia

Take your time, your calendar takes care of the rest

Gather all your events, tasks, deadlines and external calendars in one unified calendar.

Screenshot of Documents & Notes on Atolia

Share knowledge and never lose it

Co-edit documents in real time thanks to our cloud-based office suite.

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Simplify remote for your teams

Atolia helps growing teams collaborate remotely with an all-in-one tool. Stay efficient like in the office.

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Digital transformation is shaking up the world of work. But adopting new technological tools within an organization is not always easy. Here are our tips for a successfull implementation.

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