Video call

Video calls

Communicate easily with your team on Atolia thanks to video calls. With a single click, switch from text to speech with other users in your workspace.

You can collaborate more efficiently on your projects when they are away from the office, and without installing any external software!

Screen sharing

During your video call, you can share your screen with your collaborators. This allows you to work together on a document or to make a presentation to your team.

Invite external people

Thanks to the share link, you can easily invite your external partners, subcontractors or customers to the video call.

You just have to share the link of the video meeting room so they can join you in any web browser.

No installation required

Atolia uses the WebRTC technology which is available in every web browser so no installation is required for video calls.

From the desktop app or from the web app, doing video calls has never been so easy!

Many other features

Lots of other features are also integrated in our video conferencing
tool to increase your productivity!

Screen sharing

Phone calls

Share link

What are you waiting for to call people through Atolia?

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