Shared calendars

All your events in one single application

Create calendars for teams or projects and share them with your collaborators to make planning easier

In one look, get an overview of deadlines and meetings on the shared calendars. With different colors, reading is fast and easy.

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Create reminders

Keep your team informed about recurring events by creating reminders, every day, every week or every month.

You can also invite external people at your event by e-mail, add a location and see who’s coming.

Import and export calendars

View your external calendars directly on Atolia. Whether they are on Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal for example, you can view them by adding their ICS link.

All your Atolia calendars can also be downloaded or exported at any time to be integrated in other applications.

Keep your team informed

With calendar notifications, your collaborators are automatically notified when you add, edit or delete an event.

No more mistakes thanks to a clear communication within your team!

Many other features

Lots of other features are also included in the shared
calendars to increase your productivity!

Views by day, week, month


E-mail invites

Calendars import

Event location

ICS download

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