Project management

Projects overview

Thanks to Atolia, the online project management software, you can quickly see the overall progress of each project in your company.

Share them with one or many of your groups to allow your collaborators to access it. Save time to get it started and do more things with your team!

Step-by-step planning

On Atolia, tasks are neither isolated nor lost, they are put into lists. For each project, you can create lists by topics or goals and define the work to be done.

Keep your collaborators updated about the project progress by checking your tasks after completing them.

Tasks customization

The project management tool allows you to customize your tasks. You can easily add deadlinesassign collaborators, add attachments, a description and a checklist.

Everyone can clearly identify their missions. Moreover, all documents needed to complete the task are attached on it.

Labels and filters

For a better organization, you can create labels with different colors and custom names to assign them to your tasks.

Thanks to our smart filters, sort them quickly by tag(s) or deadline as needed.

GANTT Diagram

Create visual project plans to see how every step maps out over time. Avoid the risks even when your plans might change.

Note: This feature is currently under development. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Many other features in our project management tool !

Lots of other features are also integrated in the
project management to increase your productivity!



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