Instant & secure messaging

Create messaging groups

Segment your conversations by teams, projects or topics to communicate easily with your collaborators, partners or customers through a very user-friendly interface.

Atolia’s instant messaging allows you to replace Slack or Teams with a more complete and secure application.

Create messaging groups

Send private messages

Send private messages

All employees of your company are gathered in one single application and available in a trombinoscope.

Interact with a particular person in your workspace and reduce e-mail exchanges in your company to increase productivity and fluidity.

Switch from text to speech in one click thanks to the integrated video conferencing system within the messaging.

Find your data easily

On Atolia, you can always find a message or a document you have shared by typing a keyword in our search bar at anytime.

All your data is stored by dates and topics to make it your long term memory.

Find your data

Involve your teammates

Involve all your teammates

Invite all your teammates on Atolia in a few clicks, either by links or by e-mail. Guest access allow you to invite external partners to work together.

All your collaborators and partners are gathered in one single platform so you can finally stop endless exchanges by e-mails!

More features

Many other features

Lots of other features are also integrated in the groups to make them
more powerful and to increase your productivity!







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