The agile and secure workplace for your teams

Increase the productivity of your teams with a collaborative and secure application that allows you to chat in real time, manage your projects and share calendars.

Recommended by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance to make remote work easier:

Ministère de l'Économie et des Finances

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All-in-one Workplace

Atolia brings together on one single application all the features you need to work as a team and increase your productivity.

High level Security

The security of your data is our priority. Our data centers are located in France on 3 different sites and our teams do everything to protect your company.

GDPR compliance

We attache the utmost importance to protecting the personal data of our customers by ensuring full compliance with the GDPR.

Security and data privacy are our priorities

At Atolia, security is our priority. That’s why our teams have scrupulously put together a checklist of 50 processes to ensure the security, the privacy, the integrity and the availability of your data at any time. We have detailed them in a white paper that you can see here!

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Work from anywhere on any device

Atolia is available on smartphones, tablets and computers so you can work from anywhere. Whether you’re at the office, at home or moving, stay in touch with your team and don’t miss important informations!

A powerful and complete workspace

Instant and secure messaging

Create groups by teams, projects, customers and share messages and documents instantly. Switch from text to speech with one click thanks to the integrated video calls on Atolia.

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Shared calendars

Share all events easily with your teams. Reminders and recurrences allow you to be notified when the time comes. Get all your existing calendars with our Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook integrations.

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Project management

Manage all your projects with Atolia! Assign your collaborators, deadlines and custom labels to track everyone’s progress. Thanks to the GANTT diagram, check the time you need to finish the project.

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They trust us

Atolia helps more than 3,000 companies in France and Europe every day.

Want to experience the future of work?

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