Improve your internal communication with Atolia

Atolia helps growing teams collaborate remotly with an all-in-one tool.

  • Instant messaging
  • Audio and video calls
  • Shared calendars
  • Co-editing and sharing documents

Simplify information sharing in your company 💬

With Atolia, teams communicate in real time via instant messaging or video conferencing. Information is transmitted and teams are brought together.

  • Streamline communication between teams and within teams with instant messaging. Decompartmentalize departments by simplifying the sharing of knowledge and best practices.
  • Improve the quality of exchanges by switching from written to video conferencing in one click.
  • Create real-time news feeds. Use groups to share important information to the entire organization.

Share the right information in the right places ✅

Forget about the flood of emails and informations lost in threads. Atolia becomes your alternative solution to the drawbacks of traditional messaging.

  • Save time by creating discussion groups by topic, project or customer. Share your messages, documents or images with your teams more quickly.
  • Stay efficient by centralizing all your communication tools on an innovative and secure workspace. No installation or different user accounts. Gather your exchanges and guarantee the correct reception of information.

Engage and involve your employees 🙌

With Atolia, internal communication within your company becomes more transparent. Teams are brought together around common projects and objectives.

  • Focus on cross-functional communication between departments to retain your talents. Give them a voice by creating surveys to get their feedback or digital suggestion boxes with document co-editing.
  • Strengthen your corporate culture by promoting team cohesion. Share the company's organization chart or welcome booklet for new recruits with the Notes module.

 +13,000 teams trust us 🤝

Whether remote or in-office, Atolia simplifies internal communication for thousands of teams.

+13.000 teams trust us

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Thanks to Atolia, the tasks follow up is easier. Our communication is smoother. We work more efficiently thanks to the easy access to documents. It's a workspace with all the tools you need.

Virginie B., AeroTech Pro

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