HR, focus on the essential: your employees 

Recruiting is a challenge for HR departments: talent shortages, difficulty attracting qualified candidates and retaining employees... Moreover, with remote work, preserving the unity of the company and the well-being of the collaborators becomes complicated. How to attract talents if the company's image is not enhanced?

These issues are only part of the challenges HR managers face. At Atolia, through our all-in-one digital workspace solution, our mission is to support HR teams and help them address these challenges to improve their company's leadership.

From hiring to integration, make your recruitments successful 🙌

Recruiting and keeping the best profiles while simplifying your recruitment processes is now possible with Atolia!

  • Save time in defining the offer and in processing applications. The co-editing of documents is ideal for the selection of CVs, the creation of job descriptions and salary scales.
  • Easily integrate your new employees. Create discussion groups and share information with your new hires. Share the company organization chart or the welcome booklet for new recruits with the Notes module. 
  • Simplify and centralize your daily administration. Structure your document management by creating specific folders for personnel data, your HR procedures or your CV library.

Improve remote HR communication 💬

With Atolia, teams communicate in real time through instant messaging or video conferencing. Information is transmitted and teams are brought together, even when working from home.

  • Create real-time news feeds. Use groups to share important information across the organization or with specific teams (events, news, etc.). 
  • Encourage cross-departmental communication to retain your talents. Give them a voice by creating surveys to get their feedbacks or digital suggestion boxes with document co-editing. 

Enhance your employer brand ✅

Support all staff and strengthen your corporate culture. 

  • Stay in touch with your employees' needs and opinions through video conferencing. Add professional and annual interviews on shared agendas and directly insert the videoconference link. Your employees will have access to it in one click. 
  • Advance more efficiently in your missions. Process requests for leave, training, access to resources (vehicles, meeting rooms, etc.) more quickly via document sharing and shared calendars.

+13,000 teams trust us 🤝

Whether remote or in-office, Atolia simplifies internal communication for thousands of teams.

"A tool for better daily teamwork"

Thanks to Atolia, the tasks follow up is easier. Our communication is smoother. We work more efficiently thanks to the easy access to documents. It's a workspace with all the tools you need.

Virginie B., AeroTech Pro

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