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Teams is a powerful tool to chat and organize your work but it quickly becomes complex for SMBs. Atolia is an easy-to-use alternative to Teams.

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Comparison of features
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Compare Atolia and Teams key features with the table below. No suspense, Atolia is an easy-to-use alternative to Teams.

Video calls
Projects & Tasks management




Documents coedition

Office suite



Available in browser, on mobile or desktop
Customer support
Personnalization of workspace

Atolia, an alternative to Teams and Microsoft 365

Teams allows you to connect many tools from the Microsoft Suite. However, all of those tools need to be implemented and the switch from one tool to another might be time-consuming.

Atolia is natively all-in-one. Use instant messaging, video calls, project management, office suite, shared calendars and even notes in a single place.

Simply focus on work

One of our key value is pragmatism and bring simplicity. There are no frills. We have selected the essential features to collaborate in a better way.On top of that, create your workspace in 1 minute, without any installation nor setup.

Bring all your stakeholders in your workspace

Teams is perfect for collaboration within huge organizations. Atolia goes through the borders of collaboration ! Easily add all your stakeholders (customers, partners, suppliers…) to dedicated groups.Don’t loose time and key information in emails, collaborate directly on Atolia with all the features.

We care about you

Our top priority is to listen and support our users. Everyday, we read suggestions from our users and improve Atolia thanks to their recommandations. Call or chat with your dedicated CSM to get the most out of Atolia for your team.

Easily migrate from Teams to Atolia

If you have a lot of data on Microsoft Teams, we can automatically migrate it to Atolia using our import tool. Contact us to access this magic tool.

Thanks to our team of dedicated Advisors, we also support you in configuring your workspace to make it truly adapted to your challenges.

Pay 3X less per month

Atolia is a cheaper alternative to Teams. Save money and time by using a single tool.

Atolia, cheaper alternative to Slack

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